TeaBiotic Spiral Toothbrush w/ 10,000 Bristles

P 284

The new TEABIOTIC SPIRAL TOOTHBRUSH is an innovative toothbrush consisting of 2 kinds of 101000 pieces of bristles - the Outer Spiral Filaments and the Inner Pure Soft Bristles. The surface of spiral filaments is ridged, it goes deeper between teeth and delicate gum lines which proves to have a better cleansing effect.

High-Density Special-Shaped Hair Implantation: From the ordinary small round holes into a breakthrough

special-shaped design to achieve highly dense hair bundles which can clean the tooth surface more effectively with gentle touch.

Comfortable Grip, soft adhesive non-slip rubber handle and thumb grip for better maneuvering to help clean all areas of the mouth. Convenient to control brushing intensity and provides a more comfortable feeling.


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